Picture1Celebrating Jubilee - Sr Patty Andrew osu

3rd August 2019

We know that one of the deep joys of Jubilee is the experience of remembering and giving thanks. I have been keenly aware of this especially during the past month. Thank you to all who joined me on the 3rd August for the Jubilee Eucharist and meal. My family, friends and colleagues all know we are connected to a larger group of faith-filled women. However to be part of a gathering where so many of us were together gave them a greater insight into who we are as women embodying Angela’s presence in our world today.

The Jubilee experience of remembering and giving thanks continued as we gathered the following week, with the St Ita’s school and Parish community to express gratitude for the school’s foundation and its flourishing over the past 100 years. The celebration was a wonderful tribute to the faithful, outreaching spirit of our pioneering sisters. Remembering the stories and the generosity of our sisters who established St. Ita’s, reminded me of words we often recall; “we walk in the steps of those who have gone before us.”

The following day we joined with many of our Brisbane sisters for a Jubilee prayer and afternoon tea. Our time together enabled memories and stories to be shared which was renewing for us all.
The next day we travelled to Toowoomba to spend time and share a meal with another of our Sisters. Signs of the drought were quite evident in the usually lush area of Cabarlah but inside their home we experienced a lovely oasis where good conversation flowed over a tasty meal.

We were all renewed in and through our sharing together.

Love and thanks
Sr Patty

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