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The Roman Catholic Church in union with Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of Prayer for Creation on 1st September. For Orthodox Christians 1st September marks the beginning of the first day of the Church year. For us in Australia the date marks the beginning of Spring. The Day of Prayer for Creation has grown worldwide into the Season of Creation celebrated by Christians of all traditions and extends from 1st September to 4th October following the 2015 proclamation of Pope Francis’ encyclical

“Laudato Si’, mi’ Signore”- “Praise be to you my Lord.”

Pope Francis speaks about the earth as our common home. Focussing on pollution and climate, the Pope pierces the depth of environmental degradation in the early part of the encyclical and sights loss of biodiversity, the issue of water and global inequality as significant factors leaving their mark on mother earth. He states “We can see signs that things are now reaching a breaking point, due to the rapid change and degradation; these are evident in large-scale natural disasters as well as social and even financial crises, for the world’s problems cannot be analysed or explained in isolation. There are regions now at high risk and, aside from all doomsday predictions, the present world system is certainly unsustainable from a number of points of view, for we have stopped thinking about the goals of human activity.” Laudato Si’#61

The focus of our celebrations throughout this month are as follows:    Season of creation 4
Week 1 Ocean
Week 2 Fauna and Flora
Week 3 Storm
Week 4 Cosmos
Week 5 Blessing of Animals

There are numerous resources available which may be helpful in coming to a greater awareness of our connectedness with others and care for our common home as we celebrate the Season of Creation 2019.

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Read the primary document itself Laudato Si’ On Care for Our Common Home
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