Sr Veronika Rina Reflects On Her Visit to Australia

Sr Veronika Rina Reflects On Her Visit to Australia 

 Sister Veronika shares an assignment the topic of which was ‘A World without Cars’

A world without cars would be very different from our world today. There are many advantages, as well as disadvantages for not having cars. Some advantages are

• Without cars there is less pollution
• It is better for the environment
• It could be much safer.

Firstly, the world would be less polluted as cars omit poisonous gases into the atmosphere. More people would walk, or they would use bicycles, and the number of commuters of public transport would increase.
Secondly, it is better for the environment for instance. There would be less air pollution and cleaner air. In addition the use of natural resources like fuel and rubber would decrease.
Thirdly, it would be safer since there would be no accidents on the roads because on the road the people or drivers would not be speeding, running red lights, drink driving, and there would be no road rage.

The disadvantages of having no cars could be time wasting.
Firstly, it would involve taking more time to get to places and public transport would become crowed, which would mean longer waiting for buses and trains. Secondly, people who make cars would lose jobs in the car industry for example mechanics and panel beaters.
Thirdly, there would be food issues since people would find it difficult and take longer to transport food from one place to another. Food needs to be stored quickly which is very important.
Although there are many disadvantages of having cars, the world is a much better place with them since they make our lives more convenient.

I like living in Brisbane, because the transport is safe and clean. I don't have difficulties with transport in Brisbane. I can catch many buses at any time. In Brisbane there is no pollution and very little traffic compared to Indonesia!


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image above: from left Sisters Veronika Rina, Mary Driscoll, Prapatsorn Srivorakun and Elisabet Janul enjoying the sights of Brisbane City