Mother of Peace Primary School - Cambodia


Mother of peace 1‘I have learned to really be flexible here. Anything can happen surprisingly, sometimes without planning, sometimes we have planned well but not happen.’

This comment from Sr Entin, reflects the ever changing timing and regulations put out by the Government, regarding school openings, when and for whom. They were told one day to open the Kindergartens for students and within a few days, they were told again to now close them to students!

The Sisters have shown great resiliency, creativity and trusting hope in their educational endeavours and in trying to provide whatever consistent education they can manage for the students and families who are part of the Mother of Peace community. They are getting more and more families wanting to send their children to the school.
They have been able to have some classes with small numbers of students in the Primary area .

Please hold our Sisters and our mission in Cambodia, in your thoughts and prayers, along with all those in the local community.



Mother of peace 3