Sr Colleen Foley Celebrates

Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession

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The feast of St. Angela this year marked the 50th anniversary of Sr Colleen’s Ursuline profession. The Piacevolezza community celebrated this time of jubilee in the context of Sr Colleen’s Parish Community—Good Shepherd Plumpton.

The celebration began with the regular weekday Parish Mass. As it was the beginning of the school year the staff members of the three large Catholic schools, situated within the Parish plus the Catechists joined the regular weekday Eucharistic community. The Parish priest, Fr. Gerard O’Dempsey, prepared the Eucharist around the themes of Jubilee, Religious Profession, Angela Merici and the Ursuline Education tradition. He also taught the congregation the hymn to St. Angela composed and written by Sr Mary Driscoll and Anne Jackson.

For the renewal of her vows Fr. Gerard invited Sr Colleen to do this at the Lectern surrounded by her Ursuline community.

The Parishioners and teachers commented later on how they found this to be a particular special moment in the celebration.

After the mass we joined with the Parishioners in a special morning tea in the Parish meeting hall. This was followed with a community lunch together by the water. It had echoes of Lake Garda and brought a strong sense of St Angela’s presence with us.





Jan 2017 Colleen Jubilee