Feast of St Ursula 21st October 2020

St Ursula Statue Kingsgrove for web

On this Feast Day of St Ursula we provide some inspirational reflections from young women at St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.


"Saint Ursula is a role model for every young woman today. She courageously carved a path, of leadership, virtue, dignity and dedication for women of today. Saint Ursula allows a vision to be embedded in the mindsets of young women to make a change. Her message tells us to stand strong, be brave, and persevere. Saint Ursula makes it possible for us as young women to celebrate our talents and ourselves. Together we can ignite the spirit of power and hope. Saint Ursula’s story has highlighted the importance of expressing love and gratitude towards women’s contributions to our lives, and honours the struggles of women who have broken barriers to reach success." (Josie)

"St. Ursula’s story, from hundreds of years ago, is still very important to individuals today. Her determination, perseverance and love for others is what makes her so inspiring and admired by people today. She was a countercultural and independent woman of her time, going against the standard expectations held upon women. With many rights still not held by many women in the world, she acts as a motivation and guide to others, to stand up for their rights. Additionally, the fact that she did not set aside her morals and stuck to her faith, inspires others to stick to their faith too." (Lauren)
image: St Ursula - Statue St Ursula's College Kingsgrove