• Encounters is a community of women of faith looking for more and is an initiative supported by the Australian Ursulines.
  • Encounters provides an opportunity to meet (in Brisbane, Sydney and online) with other women to explore matters of faith in life and daily living.
  • Encounters is grounded in the Gospel and seeks to find the Divine in every day.
  • The Encounters Gatherings:
    • meet people where they are
    • are life giving, nourishing, supportive and empowering
    • are invitational
    • provide a safe space
    • balance input, reflection, conversation and companionship
  • The topics for each Encounters gathering are drawn from areas of faith and spirituality that connect with daily life and our social and cultural reality, the choice of which is also guided by listening to the Encounters participants

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"Encounters ..." offers experiences to support women who are exploring questions of meaning and purpose, of faith and spirituality, and who have a desire to live their faith dynamically in the reality of their cultural and social context. The image of Encounter draws on the many transformative encounters we discover in both the Gospel and the Old Testament, encounters which become a turning point for someone in their understanding of the mystery of God, of what Jesus was offering, or of their personal life journey alone and with others.

Each of us has our own "Encounter moments" which either propel or nudge us along in our faith journey. These encounters may be with another person, a dimension of ourselves, an event, an experience in the natural world, with our own life experience, or with the mystery we name as God.

Encounters gatherings take place four times each year. Generally two reflection afternoons are offered, and one full day gathering in each centre. In addition a weekend Encounter brings together participants from across a range of venues.

Contact: If you are interested in finding out more about Encounters,

please contact Sr Sue Flood