St Ursula's Feast Day - 21 October 2018

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This year, to mark St Ursula's Feast Day we asked students from St Ursula's College, Toowoomba to write a reflection of what St Ursula meant to them.  Following are some reflections of the Ursuline spirit through the eyes of our young people...

Saint Ursula is a role model for every young woman today. She courageously carved a path, of leadership, virtue, dignity and dedication for women of today. She allows a vision to be embedded in the mindsets of young women to make a change. Her message tells us to stand strong, be brave, and persevere. Saint Ursula makes it possible for us as young women to celebrate our talents and ourselves. Together we can ignite the spirit of power and hope. Her story has highlighted the importance of expressing love and gratitude towards women’s contributions to our lives, and honours the struggles of women who have broken barriers to reach success. (Josie)

From being at St Ursula’s College Toowoomba, I have experienced an important connection with St Ursula. I have been taught many lessons that I value every day. (She) St Ursula has taught me to make a difference in the world, to leave my mark. She has taught me to jump in, take the risk and to step out of my comfort zone. One of the most valued lessons I take away from having a great connection with St Ursula is being a leader/role model to younger students. The characteristics that St Ursula has portrayed to many girls within the Serviam community has certainly left a mark and will continue to do so for many years ahead. (Holly)

The story of St Ursula is significant because it helps me to value my beliefs and to stick to my faith no matter what the world thinks of me. (Her) St Ursula’s courage and faith in God inspires me to treat people with respect and dignity. The fact that she chose to put her faith and beliefs before her own life and the lives of her companions, demonstrates to me that more people should be brave and follow what they believe in instead of relying on what people say. (Anjelani)

The story of St Ursula can still be a great story to individuals of different ages and backgrounds in today’s society as she led by her own morals. She often took risks not knowing the outcome, but willing to take them in the name of her faith. I believe (her) St Ursula’s story is timeless, and can be important in modern day society, as her actions were deep reflections of what is perseverance and putting your one’s faith above all challenges and struggles in your life. She had courage and compassion, and wasn’t afraid to voice her opinions with reason, to anyone no matter their title. (Riley)

suc toowoomba 3 for webSt Ursula died for what she believed in which is inspirational to women in today’s society. St Ursula took a risk by courageously leading a group of women with the same beliefs as her. She embodies the true meaning of what it means to be a determined and independent woman. Her story has inspired myself and many others to be a role model to the young women within our community. (Maddy)

St Ursula died for what she believed in, as a strong independent woman who has perseverance in the love of her faith pushed her to great things. We can look to St Ursula’s legend and seek inspiration to be strong fierce woman and counter-cultural leaders in creating change for women of today. St Ursula has inspired women of today by the choices she made, her values and faith and her strong mind and willingness and gratitude to help others in discovering the significance of faith and love. I am inspired by St Ursula, as she encourages the actions I carry out at school, home and in my community. (Emma)

The importance of St Ursula is displayed through our everyday life and decisions. She was a risk taker, influencing my choices on achieving more. Her independence has influenced me to become a young strong and confident women. Her actions and beliefs have made a big significance to staying true to my faith and standing strong in what I believe in. Her ongoing courage and faith is essential in our ever changing world. She really did step out of her comfort zone, as she took them on a journey. (Gabby)

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St. Ursula’s story, from hundreds of years ago, is still very important to individuals today. Her determination, perseverance and love for others is what makes her so inspiring and admired by people today. She was a countercultural and independent woman of her time, going against the standard expectations held upon women. With many rights still not held by many women in the world, she acts as a motivation and guide to others, to stand up for their rights. St Ursula did not set aside her morals and stuck to her faith, she inspires others to stick to their faith too. (Lauren)


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