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Remembering The Centenary Celebrations of St Ita's Parish, Dutton Park

St Itas 2St Ita’s parish was founded in 1916. The first Mass was celebrated on the 16th December 1916.

The Ursulines opened the School in January 1919. During the 100 years that the parish has been here the Ursuline Sisters have played a significant part in both the school and parish.

Archbishop James Duhig purchased land and Borva House which served as the Church and school until 1931 when a new church was built. It is amazing to see the transformation of the site over this period of time. There now stands a school with 360 students. The educational facilities are modern thanks to the leadership of the community over the years. What is a very hilly site overlooking the Brisbane River has been transformed into a beautiful school, cleverly using the terrain to gain the best views of the river. The school was administered by the Ursuline Nuns until the mid 1980’s and by some excellent Principals. In 2017 we have a male principal for the 1st time in 98 years.

At this time Sr Loretta still is an Ursuline presence in the school and parish. She was appointed as a parish/school liaison person in 2005.

The celebration to mark the Centenary was held on Sunday 15th October. Archbishop Mark Coleridge celebrated Mass along with Friars from the Capuchin community and Father Jim Browne a former parish priest. It was a celebration with the Indonesian community who have Mass here each Sunday. Their contribution to the singing was great. About 15 Ursulines were also in attendance.

We were happy to see many past parishioners and past students of St Ita’s school. Among the past Students were Jack and Monica Keogh siblings of our Sr Maureen. Sr Helen Dyson and her brother Philip were also there.

At the end of Mass a pictorial representation of St Ita was blessed. It was a joyful day of sharing stories and now we prepare for the 100 years of the school in 2019.

 Sr Loretta Rossen osu



Remembering The Centenary Celebrations of St. Ita’s Parish, Dutton Park

On Sunday 15th October I was delighted to attend the 100 years celebration of St. Ita’s Parish, Dutton Park in Brisbane. Such gatherings are always rich in story and thanksgiving. This one was no exception but it also had a personal significance because on the exact day of the Centenary celebrations, I was fortunate to be present, 45 years ago when the new Church at St. Ita’s was blessed and opened. At that time Fr. Bernard O’Shea was the parish priest as well as Director of Education for the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

So as the ceremony began in this beautiful church, embedded in such a natural setting close to the Brisbane River, I recalled the joy of that time. I remembered the hope and optimism I experienced along with the parishioners of St. Ita’s, as we all endeavored to work together to build a meaningful future for our young people.

The spirit of the liturgy and the welcome I experienced, reminded me of that time 45 years ago. The joy and the genuine appreciation of each other was clearly apparent throughout the liturgy and the shared meal which followed. I appreciated seeing cultural changes in the Parish, reflective of our contemporary society. The Indonesian people who now form a major group have brought the richness of their faith and cultural expressions to the life of the Parish.

It was good to share in the celebration with some of my Ursuline sisters who had served in the Parish. I also remembered those families who animated and served the Parish community in the time I was there – 45 years ago. It was a joy to connect with many of these and hear their present stories.

I also remembered the work that our early sisters did in the pioneering days of the Parish and I recalled with gratitude all those who laid the foundations of the Parish with a vision of faith for both the present and future.

Venera Nicolosi osu


 St Itas 1



Jubilee Celebrations at St Ursula's College Kingsgrove

"Look to Him".....Across Generations


St Angela Look to Him for webOur celebration of 60 years of life in St Ursula’s College was an occasion of great joy for all of us. For the past students and former teachers it was the joy of re-connecting – sometimes after many years, and for those who have not been part of the school community in the past, it was the joy of being caught up in the infectious delight of the moment… a moment of gratitude and marvel at what has been accomplished over these 60 years.

It was obvious that the spirit of Angela is alive and well in the present school community - from the eager welcome we received at the gate and in the registration room to the culinary delicacies prepared for us by the students, hospitality was the keynote of the day.

Its focus was the blessing and dedication of a new statue of St Angela, commissioned to celebrate 60 years of Ursuline presence at St Ursula’s. It was created by Englebert Piccalarouz. Her face is serene and her heavily booted feet are ready for action….surely an inspiration for all of us. Her finger is pointing to an open book on which are the Words: “Look to Him”

Sr Therese Brennan osu


      Some thoughts from Sr Kath Dwyer osu

“What impressed me about the whole experience ….a lovely informality .. gathering in the playground where “life” mostly happened in the past…blessing a lovely image of the woman who made it all possible...placing her, as it were, at the centre of what was past and present about our being together…..past students could mingle freely with one another and their Ursuline teachers, friends and mentors…as Mary Leask reminded them: ‘Welcome to your school’. There was a lot of warmth…joy and gratitude for what was and is…there was an inexpressible sense of being truly blessed to be part of it all…..

blessing new statue


A beautiful moment in the ceremony when the statue of St. Angela was blessed in the sprinkling of holy water; a moment when we were reminded of the abundant blessings which have flowed from the spirit of St. Angela to all in the St. Ursula’s community in its life of 60 years. (Sr Patty Andrew osu)



Fond memories of so many great netball games in this space!  Play space given way to trees - a good move for the future of our planet! (Sr Patty Andrew osu)

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Ursuline Sisters gathered in front of the new statue of St Angela at St Ursula's College, Kingsgrove