Gathering of Former Ursulines at Ashbury - Sunday 3rd February 2019 

Angela Sth Africa


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How good it is

and how sweet

how tasty

to come together as friends

like the blend of voices

in a Greek chorus

to tell the tales

dramatic, comedic and sad

of the stories of our lives

like a song

a threaded tapestry

long in making

weaving words and smiles

that sing their way

into one another’s hearts

like a symphony

where solo instruments

rise in individual, haunting interludes

but whose beauty

is created by the dialogue

the community of layered voices

that waft upon the air

and move into the waiting world

reminding us

in the end

that we were never, never meant

to stand alone.

How good it is and how sweet.

Marianne Novak Houston

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On Sunday 3rd February Ursulines gathered at The Piazza Ashbury to share a meal and reconnect with those who had journeyed with us as Ursulines over the years. Some had not seen each other for forty years; for others it was one more occasion to enjoy each other’s company. It was so energising to hear the stories of each other’s lives and to listen to hopes for the future. What was so evident was that we were all still very much daughters of Angela. These photos capture some aspects of our gathering. The poem invited us to ‘come together’ as we gathered.

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